Carolina Lopez

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics, Brown University

Welcome! I am a development economist, focusing on topics related to education, human capital, and behavioral economics. In my research, I study how people's beliefs about the world affect their behavior and welfare. This is my CV.

In my Job Market Paper, I conducted an RCT in Salta, Argentina, to study if lack of knowledge about the production function of graduation among high school senior students explains low graduation rates. Baseline perceptions about own probability of graduation play an essential role in students’ academic performance. Providing information about the probability of graduation conditional on failed subjects and discussing intermediate steps to transform inputs into graduation allows me to detect an increase in timely high school graduation by 5 percentage points, a 10 percent increase relative to the control group.

I am on the job market this year and available for interviews during the 2021 EJME and 2022 AEA/ASSA meetings.

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